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electricity market data.
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Spend your time making the decisions that really matter for your batteries with a single, easy-to-use data source. Optimized for analysts.
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all the data you need in one place.

Maximize your productivity with data from electricity markets, services, and systems from across the globe. All in one place.

Power prices

Unlock and analyze the fundamentals of revenue opportunities for battery energy storage with real-time intraday data from EPEX SPOT, to nodal Day Ahead Market (DAM) prices in ERCOT.

System activity

Spot trends and events as they emerge with system data from Elexon, National Grid Electricity System Operator, and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) at your fingertips.

Ancillary service results

Understand the full revenue stack, with access to all of the auction results, prices and volumes for all of the ancillary services relevant to battery energy storage.

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Data for your whole team.
With no code.

Access the data you need, the way you need it. On top of an enterprise-grade API, download data like never before.

Get your data when you need it

We've consolidated the key data from the energy market in one place, so you can spend your time doing analysis, not trying to find the right data set.

Download across any date range

Get all the data you need, as far back as we've got it. No more downloading two weeks at a time. If it'll fit in a single file you can download it in a single file.

All data is now accessible

Our downloadable files cover datasets that are only been available via an API, but are still updated continuously so you get up to date data.

Build real-time systems and analysis. With ease.

Onboard, implement, and upgrade your systems, reporting and monitoring with access to an API built by teams that really use APIs.

Effortless onboarding

With dedicated guides, recipes, and interactive documentation, you can start building with confidence in seconds.

Reliably robust

Initially built for Modo Energy's internal data science and research teams, our API is built to auto-scale and keep running at full speed so that your entire business can rely on it.

Seamless support

With our own API power users just a few clicks away, we're here to support all of our users getting the data they need.

Track battery revenues.

Build BESS Indices into your systems with Modo Energy benchmarking data.

Build benchmarking into your workflows

Whether you use the BESS index to measure your performance, keep an eye on the market or to inform your strategy, integrate it directly into your own systems through the Modo API.

Stay on top of market changes, as they happen

The Modo GB BESS indices are live, showing data from January 2020, up to the most recent settlement periods.

This allows you to not only look at historical trends but also to stay on top of what is happening right now.

Free for everyone

The Modo BESS indices are always free, whether you access them directly in Modo, as a downloadable file, or through the API.

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